Embrace the Chain

LUKSO’s building blocks will bring blockchain technology to millions of new users by simplifying the onboarding process, increasing security and allowing dApps to be built for a whole new audience and user experience.

A Developer First Experience

LUKSO is a layer-1 EVM blockchain, which means the execution engine is fully compatible with all Ethereum tools and is easy for developers to use who are familiar with the Ethereum toolchain.

With new tools and standards, developers can build next-generation applications and experiences seamlessly.

Universal Profiles

Universal Profiles are interoperable blockchain-based profiles which enable verifiable identities in the digital world. They allow for universal logins that make remembering usernames and passwords a thing of the past, while also giving you full control of your virtual assets and digital identity.

Universal Profiles simplify the onboarding process to Web3 for users, brands and creators, while also improving accessibility, security and functionality.

NFT 2.0

Upgrade your blockchain experience with flexible NFTs that are extensible and directly composable with Universal Profiles.

NFTs are now safer, have unlimited metadata, updatable and much more. Read our technical documentation to dive deeper!

Cultural Currencies

The future of blockchain is social. Brand tokens, personal tokens, influencer tokens, and even event tokens will power the new creative economies. By tokenizing communities, creatives can transform their businesses into dynamic economic ecosystems

Create extensible tokens that move blockchain beyond DeFi!

Creative Economy

Technical Documentation

Revolutionise the way the world interacts with blockchain by building with LUKSO’s new tools and standards.