People Behind LUKSO

The multidisciplinary team of LUKSO’s initiators and advisors carefully mirror the progressing convergence of the worlds of lifestyle and technology.

Learn more about LUKSO's Co-Founders and advisors below.


Marjorie Hernandez

Marjorie is a multi-faceted innovation and product expert, equal parts entrepreneur and designer. The Caracas-born trained architect, strategist and innovation consultant, built and led EY’s Innovation Lab in Berlin, before founding LUKSO. Marjorie worked in Art Direction across Europe, before establishing herself as a Brand Strategist for Swiss and German brands. She created and managed EY’s Digital Innovation Lab, as a Digital Transformation and Strategy Executive.


Fabian Vogelsteller

Fabian Vogelsteller is a Blockchain veteran who was part of the Ethereum Foundation in its early days. From 2015 to 2018 he helped shape the Ethereum space, building the official Ethereum Wallet, the first decentralized web3 browser and tools like web3.js, the most used JavaScript library in the blockchain space today. In November 2015 he proposed ERC 20, the token standard that initiated the ICO wave and the DeFi movement.


LUKSO’s advisors are composed of creative professionals that operate at the forefronts of fashion, design, media, and lifestyle segments.

All advisory board members are acting on their own behalf and not in the name of their companies.