LUKSO is bringing blockchain technology to its next frontier

As a neutral base layer and open technological playground for innovation, LUKSO blockchain provides creators and users with future-proof tools and standards to unleash their creative force in an open interoperable ecosystem.

Key Principles

LUKSO’s key principles connect physical and digital product dimensions further, strengthen individual experiences, and build strongly relational communities through identification, virtualisation and tokenisation.

LUKSO’s initial use cases are tied into the overarching dynamics that are shaping the current creative lifestyle system


LUKSO is the digital base layer for the New Creative Economies.

Read our Whitepaper to learn more about potential use-cases and how LUKSO provides a sustainable technological base layer for creatives to shape emerging trends and unleash their creative force.


The progressing convergence of lifestyle, culture and technology is carefully mirrored by LUKSO’s initiators and advisors, who unite industry leaders from the forefront of both spheres.