Empowering the next wave
of web3 innovators
Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem enriched by user-centric, social, and creative use cases built on LUKSO, laying the foundation for a decentralized future in the New Creative Economies.

We support builders who leverage LUKSO’s innovative smart contract standards and Universal Profiles to develop the next generation of decentralized applications (dApps) by providing funding, essential resources, and dedicated support.
The LUKSO Grants Program, an initiative by the Foundation for the New Creative Economies (FNCΞ), allocates funding across quarterly grant waves to support developers, founders, and projects that drive meaningful impact in the LUKSO ecosystem.

Wave 1 applications have closed.
Stay tuned for Wave 2, opening in August!
With LUKSO Standard Proposals, Universal Profiles, and tools, developers can seamlessly create next-generation applications and user experiences.
Further Information & FAQs
Project Eligibility
What kind of projects are eligible for a grant?
We welcome grant applications from all projects that contribute to the LUKSO ecosystem. Eligible projects should utilize LUKSO Standard Proposals and Universal Profiles to innovate or improve upon existing blockchain solutions.
Do projects need to be open source to be eligible for a grant?
While your project does not have to be open source to be eligible for a grant, we hold a preference for projects that embrace open source principles. This is because we value the role of open source in fostering transparency, community engagement, and collaboration among developers.
Is exclusive development on LUKSO required for grant eligibility?
No, exclusive development on the LUKSO network is not mandatory. We support a multi-chain strategy if it aligns with your project's needs. However, integrating LUKSO Standard Proposals and Universal Profiles in a meaningful way is essential for grant eligibility.
Application and Approval Process
How does the application process work?
The first and most crucial step in the application process is to submit a comprehensive application. We strongly advise taking the time to thoroughly read and answer all the required questions.
After submission, your application will be reviewed by our grant committee. You will be notified if your application will not proceed further or if you have advanced to the interview stage. Following the interview, the grant committee will deliberate and inform you of the final decision shortly thereafter.
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How will my application be evaluated?
Your application will be thoroughly evaluated by our grant committee, who will focus on the following key criteria:

1. Technical Excellence: Implementation of LUKSO Standard Proposals, tools, and Universal Profiles.

2. Use Case: The project’s usefulness, scalability, and market potential.

3. User Experience: Ease and intuitiveness of the user interface.

4. Strategy: Go-to-market strategy, including user adoption and marketing objectives.

5. Ecosystem Fit: Alignment with and contribution to the LUKSO ecosystem.

6. Milestones and Deliverables: Clarity and feasibility of the project’s development roadmap and timelines.

7. Team Expertise: The team's technical and strategic skills, motivation, and dedication to the LUKSO ecosystem.
Is it possible to modify my application once it's been submitted?
No. Once submitted, applications cannot be revised. We suggest a thorough review of your application prior to submission.
Our application platform allows you to add team members to your application, enabling a collaborative and transparent approach to ensure everything is in order before you submit.
When will I know the outcome of my application?
Within 4 weeks after the application wave closes, you will be notified if your application will not proceed further or if you have advanced to the interview stage. Shortly after your interview, the grant committee will make their final decision on your application and inform you of the outcome.
Is a KYC (Know Your Customer) process required?
Yes. Upon grant approval, the individual designated as the project owner – the person responsible for signing the grant agreement – must undergo a KYC process facilitated by our third-party provider. This step is crucial for executing the grant agreement and for verifying identity in compliance with regulatory standards.
What should I do if my application is rejected?
We encourage you not to be disheartened by a rejection. Continue to build and contribute to the LUKSO ecosystem – your efforts and innovations are highly valued! You are always welcome to reapply in the next application wave. Additionally, stay tuned for other opportunities to engage and receive support, such as our BuildUP hackathons.
Project Support
What are the sizes of the grants available?
In our first grant wave, the LUKSO Grants Program has allocated $1 million in total funding. The grant size for each project will be determined by its technical complexity, potential for user adoption, and the value it adds to the LUKSO ecosystem. Grants are disbursed in LYX.
How are grantees supported during development?
Upon grant approval, you will be provided with details on the support available to you.
This includes access to regular office hours with our team for advice and technical assistance, workshops tailored to aid your project's development, and opportunities for exchange with fellow grantees.
When will I receive the grant funds?
Grant payments from the LUKSO Grants Program are made on a milestone basis. After achieving a development milestone, you will need to submit a milestone report for review. Once the grant committee approves your report, the associated payment will be released. The details of your development roadmap and corresponding milestone payments will be agreed upon in your grant agreement. Grants are disbursed in LYX.
What are the reporting requirements if my project is approved?
Upon approval of your grant application, you will enter into a grant agreement with the Foundation for the New Creative Economies (FNCE). This agreement outlines specific milestones along your project's development roadmap. For each milestone, you are required to submit a detailed report documenting your progress towards achieving these goals. The milestone reports will be carefully evaluated by the grant committee to monitor and support your project's progress.
How does the LUKSO Grants Program communicate with grant applicants and grantees, and where can I find support?
All communications, including updates and notifications about your application and grant status, will be sent to both the primary email address provided in your application and made available on the LUKSO Grants Program portal. Please regularly check your email and the portal to stay informed about the progress of your application and any grant-related information.

For questions, please reach out to [email protected].

We kindly request that you refrain from inquiring about general updates on your application's status. Rest assured, within 4 weeks following the close of the application wave, you will be informed whether your application has been rejected or if you have advanced to the interview stage.